Hey Guys! My name is Onnie, and I’m the founder of VisualTechReviews.com which was started in January of 2018. My idea behind this website was to create a site that would help others find the perfect lighting technology they wanted on their own budget!

Unfortunately I can not buy every set of lights I see and write articles about them, however, I will be testing out products I get every now and then to give you guys feedback. I really want this website to help others by myself giving the most honest reviews I can to create a meeting place for anyone interested in lighting technology to discuss, interact, and share ideas.

I have always loved ‘cool’ lights since I was a child. In my first college apartment, I had color changing LED Strip lights along the ceiling of my room which brought tons of compliments, and made the room have a nice feeling to it. I installed interior LEDs to my first car, as well as a light bar within the front bumper. If you get to know me well, you will see that I find lights generally interesting.

Feel free to browse around the site. I will be adding more valuable content whenever I can, but please do drop a comment or suggestions anywhere on the site. It not only helps the community, but myself in learning how to make this website better.

Thanks for Visiting,