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Looking for the best led strip lights that are great quality, yet they don’t break the bank? Introducing the Rxment Led Strip lighting kit, which is actually one of Amazon’s choices for highly rated, well-priced products in the Led lighting category! All you have to do is plug them in, and place them wherever you’d like to start seeing awesome colors. Stay tuned to learn more about the Rxment LEDS during this in-depth review and comparison to other cheaper LEDS.

Hey guys! Visual Tech Reviews here, bringing you a review I have been wanting to do for a while now! With all the YouTube videos and websites claiming you can get great LEDS for only $15!? I need to clear up the air by saying, MOST IF NOT ALL those reviews are from people who have only bought those cheaper LEDs!

They have never seen what ‘high quality lights’ look like. Now I know you might be saying, “Why should I trust you instead of the others??” Well that’s a great question, and my answer to you is I have actually bought several different brands of strip lighting from Amazon, used them all for more than just one month, and did days of research before buying my LEDS. I’m about to share with you all my results I have found, and why I think the Rxment LED strip lights are the best.

1. I Tried Buying the Typical Cheap LED’s that are advertised around $20 – Don’t make this Mistake!

As proof, I attached a screenshot showing I purchased the eTopxizu LED Strip lights for about $25, although when I purchased these lights in 2015, they were a bit closer to $20.

These lights were ‘OK’… They did their job for the most part but you could tell they were of low quality, and feels almost delicate when you are handling them.

Another friend of mine decided to buy these, and unfortunately, a couple LEDS within his strip did not match the color quite right whenever they were suppose to be yellow, blue, etc.

I had the same problem!

Let me show you exactly what I mean

This is a Picture I took on my phone with no filters added to show you what you get for around the $20 budget!

Imagine, you open up your brand new LEDs that just arrived, set them up under your kitchen cabinets or in your bedroom, only to see this color difference in one or two spots (if you’re lucky). This drives you crazy!!

2. Differences in the Quality of LED Strip Brands

For those of you who don’t know ‘Rxment’ was founded in 2015, an international LED Lights brand who focuses on producing amazing quality LED lighting including many categories such as bulbs, strips, etc. Their vision statement is “to create a world where people can easy enjoy the pleasure from LED lights.”

So let’s get straight to the point, you want the newest technology in your lighting right? TONS of lighting brands are using older, crappier, and just cheaper versions of what is the ‘high quality standard’.

Rxment sells SMD 5050, which means they are bigger, newer chips that put out an impressive amount of light. SMD means surface-mount-diode which are the smaller chips-like the LED packages you see on the rolls of tape in the pictures. The 5050 means that the packages are 5 millimeters x 5 millimeters. Bigger is generally better, and SMD5050 are bigger AND better than the average SMD3528 which are 3.5 millimeters by 2.8 millimeters.

Another quick point to make is these LEDS are true RGB lights, meaning each LED is able to put out any color accurately. There are many lights that have a sequence of diodes only able to put out one color, so it looks like the same diodes are changing color, but it is not true.

So in other words… these LEDS are Lit and Awesome Quality!

3. Differences in Brightness

This is probably one of the biggest differences between an amazing quality set of lights, and your average set of lights. After ordering a couple different brands of LEDS, these are hands down the brightest.

The number of LEDS you are buying is more important than you think, this is the density. Generally as a rule of thumb, if you don’t see the density anywhere before buying led strip lights, it’s probably not good. All the other strip lights I have bought either didn’t say or was not up to par. Typically about 150LEDS are offered for every 5M which is ‘good’, but guess what… these LEDs I’m recommending have DOUBLE that! They have 300 LEDS every 5 meters which is awesome. The closer the individual lights are, the more it looks like a lightsaber or a very cool flow of even light color. Rxment however does sell both amount of densities, so just make sure you are buying the higher density ones, thats all.

4. Ease Of Installation Comparison to other LED Strip Lights

What I’m about to say pretty much goes for almost all of the lighting strip kits I have bought within the past three years… stay away from using the provided 3M adhesive tape on the back of the lights. All of them started to lose their stickiness, and became a mess sometimes.

This is what I recommend to do:

  • Only use the adhesive tape it came with if you plan to permanently place them somewhere. (Really try to avoid using it as your main attachment to surfaces)
  • If you are not sure whether they will be permanently somewhere, go ahead and buy some clips, clear tape, or anything to help them stay in place especially if they are fighting gravity (under cabinets, on the ceiling, etc)
  • Keep in mind that wall paint might come off if you use the adhesive tape.
  • What I did in college to avoid damaging my apartment was I bought one small box of about 500 thumbtacks, and set a tack every 2 feet or so near the ceiling so the lights could hang on top of the tacks. The holes were so small and near the ceiling that when I removed the tacks, nothing could be seen. DO NOT tack through the actual strip itself.

One last point to installing these lights is you get 10 meters which is quite a bit. If you would like to, there is a place about every 2 inches or so on the strip that allows you to cut through it to make it shorter.

Just make sure that’s what you want to do because once it’s cut, there is no going back.

5. Overview Including Pros and Cons

Best LED Strip Lights


  • High Brightness
  • Feels Well Built
  • 10M Length


  • Cheaper Options
  • Could use Better 3M Adhesive Tape